Most Popular Payday Loan Companies UK 2012/2013

Payday loans are spreading out through the UK like an out of control wildfire – so it is always good to know the conditions of as many payday loan providers as you can. Throughout this article we will go over 10 of the most popular payday loan companies in the UK on the years of 2012 and 2013.

The QuickQuid’s minimum loan is £100 and maximum loan is £1000. Their interest rates are fixed £25 per £100 loaned, so you’re going to pay £125 for each £100 you get loaned. 87% clients would use QuickQuid again.

Kwik Cash
Kwik Cash can loan you anywhere from £80 to £500, so not as much as QuickQuid, but their interest rates are the same – £25 for each £100. Its possible to get cash only in 1h.

Another payday loaner with the same interest rate, Zebit borrows money in the £50 – £800 range.This is the fastest online lender – when cash needed u can get only in whooping 10 mins.

Wonga is an awesome firm to get a payday loan from if the amount isn’t that high, because they borrow as little as £1. Their maximum loans are at £1000. While they do have this advantage, the interest rates are higher at €37.15 per £100.
The range here is narrow – from £100 to £500 – but the rates are lower than at Wonga, sitting at £29 per £100. Payments can be delayed more than the previous loaners, but at a great cost.

Cash Lady
Another light payday loan provider with loans from £80 up to a meager £300 with the same rates as – A good payday loaner if you’re in a tight spot and don’t mind about the small threshold.

Payday UK
Payday UK has been growing in popularity these few months, maybe because their borrowing range is from £100 to £1000 – and it’s rates are an expectable £29.95.

Lending Stream
A huge range – from £50 to £1500 is no small thing. You’ll have to apply to see the rates that will fit you though, as their rates aren’t fixed.

From £100 to £1000 this payday loan provider won’t get you sunken with questions, pretty clear and easy to use and the rates are low for the industry – £25 for each £100 borrowed.

This loan provider is not regulated, so beware. Their offers aren’t over the moon either. From £100 to £700 with a £25 per £100 fixed rate.