UK’s Cred24 Launches Unique Real Time Short-term Loan Comparison websitepayday-loans-uk-cred24

Cred24 works on the principle that people need to know what they are getting into when they take a loan so information is key.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, September 23, 2014, The guiding idea behind the new website,, is that something things go wrong and people need to borrow money for a short time to get sorted out.  But when they do this, they should have all the information possible to make an informed and confident decision.  The website does this by providing rates and details from a range of providers so users can see the best deals available.  No more imputing details over and over again, this site has a wide range of lenders all in one place making it the Number One Payday Loan Comparison portal on the UK web.

There are any number of companies producing short-term loans in the current market but the important thing with Cred24 is that not only do they look for the best deals; they look for the best companies.  This means that they monitor areas such as customer satisfaction and complaints as well as range of products offered.  They use companies that want to give you money even if your credit rating is poor because they understand you can pay it back, even when traditional lenders didn’t.  The site doesn’t charge for its services and is simple to use, allowing users to enter how much and how long with simple sliders.

If a borrower wants the security of knowing the company they are dealing with are reputable and care about their customers, then the User Review Section can provide this.  Unique to the site, it is composed of ratings and views from real customers about the companies on the site and gives a genuine glimpse into people’s experiences.  Currently, it is all good with users from the UK, Latvia, Poland and Lithuania currently 90% satisfied with the loans they have taken but even that 10% helps the companies to know what they need to improve on.  There is also a huge information section in the Frequently Asked Questions area that means people will only take a loan when they know it is the right choice for them.

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Here at Cred24 we celebrate Halloween each year but do You? We gathered some interesting data on Halloween spendings in USA, fun facts, popular costumes and do Latvia, Lithuania, England and Poland celebrate and why if don’t! See info graphic bellow:

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Loan Sharking: Origins, Stigmas and the Present Day

Loan sharking was the term given to the act of borrowing small quantities of money in exchange for exorbitant interest rates. Loan sharks started to pop out as soon as people noticed that it was possible to do this and get rich doing it, but they became famous in Europe during the medieval ages. They were considered the poison of society and people fought against it.

Nowadays, many payday loan agencies are compared to loan sharks – but some of them don’t even deserve it. People mix up unethical payday lenders with legit ones and they call loan sharks to respectable payday loan agencies, while some scammers get away with people’s money.

Luckily for us, in the present day, it is easy to avoid payday loan scams or current day loan sharks, you simply have to research the provider well, read the fine print thoroughly and find out if that payday lender is regulated or not.

Throughout this report we will provide you with some ways to not only discover if you’re being scammed, but ways to fight payday lenders that abuse you, how to repay hard loans and how to manage your finances in order to avoid being trap on the hole of bankruptcy.

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If you have ever been in the market for a payday loan, short term loan, or an SMS loan you know how confusing it can be to tell one companies benefits and advantages apart from the next—that is where Cred24 comes in to assist!

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Payday loans are increasingly popular these days and due to some matters of irresponsibility there are some people who contract these little loans without thinking that they must have the financial stability to pay them back – after all, payday loans are still loans and you have to pay them back. Continue Reading

Most Popular Payday Loan Companies UK 2012/2013

Payday loans are spreading out through the UK like an out of control wildfire – so it is always good to know the conditions of as many payday loan providers as you can. Throughout this article we will go over 10 of the most popular payday loan companies in the UK on the years of 2012 and 2013.

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Payday Loans vs UK government

The payday loaning industry originated in the US, but the European crisis that is felt and manifested throughout Europe gave it fertile ground for expansion, and so it is now a booming industry in the United Kingdom as well, having grown exponentially and getting itself under the sights of the UK Government. Continue Reading