New Short Term loan comparison app for the US and Canada

Cred24 launches a new mobile application to find

the best Short Term Loans with the Touch of a Button

NEW YORK, NEW YORK. January 19th, 2015.  Sometimes when you need a payday loan it means that something unpleasant or unexpected has happened. Wasting your time on searching through hundreds of websites and filling in credit score forms can make the situation even more frustrating. Luckily, Cred24 has just launched their newest product – the new PayDay Loan Comparison Application – to save your time and your money.

New loan comparison application is now available for free for both Android and IOS users in the US and Canada. You choose the amount of a loan that you would like to borrow and your preferred repay period (1 month, 3 months, 6 months etc.). The application will quickly show you the best loan offers of several companies which you can easily compare. By using advanced search options, including filtering, in a few minutes you will find your ideal payday loan. By adjusting search data you can easily calculate how much it will cost you to borrow a higher or a lower amount. The goal of Cred24 is to enable customers in an emergency situation to borrow money on the most favourable conditions. We pay a lot of attention to make the process of identifying the most suitable payday loan as easy and transparent as possible. Terms of use, names, short descriptions of non-bank lenders, charges, repayment amounts and interest rates are presented in a clear and friendly way. Finally, the application has a FAQ section, to resolve any doubts about payday loans, explains APR and other terms in understandable way. The new application is fully adjusted to the American and Canadian market and not only compares offers of non-bank lenders, but also gives you an access to lenders operating in other countries. You can specify your country of residence when opening the app on your mobile.

The application was created by Cred24, who are international experts in payday loans. “Our goal is to change the rules of the payday loans market and make it accessible to everyone, no matter of their financial knowledge or poor credit rating.” Cred24 currently operates in the UK, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland, monitoring over 90 companies that offer short-term loans.


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Loan Sharking: Origins, Stigmas and the Present Day

Loan sharking was the term given to the act of borrowing small quantities of money in exchange for exorbitant interest rates. Loan sharks started to pop out as soon as people noticed that it was possible to do this and get rich doing it, but they became famous in Europe during the medieval ages. They were considered the poison of society and people fought against it.

Nowadays, many payday loan agencies are compared to loan sharks – but some of them don’t even deserve it. People mix up unethical payday lenders with legit ones and they call loan sharks to respectable payday loan agencies, while some scammers get away with people’s money.

Luckily for us, in the present day, it is easy to avoid payday loan scams or current day loan sharks, you simply have to research the provider well, read the fine print thoroughly and find out if that payday lender is regulated or not.

Throughout this report we will provide you with some ways to not only discover if you’re being scammed, but ways to fight payday lenders that abuse you, how to repay hard loans and how to manage your finances in order to avoid being trap on the hole of bankruptcy.

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